The Three Step Framework for Inducing Lactation ©

Time-frame: 60
CERP: yes

Whether a parent or parent-to-be is growing their family by adoption, surrogacy, foster care or their partner is pregnant, they may choose to induce lactation.  Inducing lactation allows a non-gestational parent to provide their milk for their baby and aids parent and baby in having a nursing relationship.  But how can a parent bring in milk without the hormones of pregnancy and birth?  Inducing lactation is a process.  When a parent is pregnant, lactation is also a process:  her body and breasts prepare for lactation during pregnancy, the delivery of the placenta triggers the flow of mature milk, and continued removal of milk maintains milk production.  With pregnancy the start of that process happens automatically without any efforts by the parent.  Without pregnancy, the parent can intentionally trigger lactation with three basic steps.  Each of the steps can be customized to the unique circumstances, health profile and preferences of each parent.

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