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Naomi Bar-Yam, PhD, ACSW

Naomi Bar-Yam, PhD, ACSW, has been working in maternal and child health for 30 years as an educator, researcher, advocate, and writer.  She is the immediate past president of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America and is the founding director of Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast, which provides safe donor milk to hospitals and families throughout the northeastern US. Her early career as a social worker and perinatal educator in diverse populations in the U.S. and overseas, as well as her experience as the mother of two NICU babies, inspired her support for breastfeeding and her special interest in the ethics of access to perinatal health care. As a recognized expert on policies that support breastfeeding, she has advised the CDC (on a panel that created "The CDC Guide to Breastfeeding Interventions”), and as a champion of perinatal health care, she advised the March of Dimes (developing educational material for women and families who are medically and socially vulnerable to high-risk pregnancy).  She reviews articles submitted to the Journal of Human Lactation, Breastfeeding Medicine, and other publications related to breastfeeding, milk banking, and access to perinatal child care.  As Executive Director of Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast, she is thoroughly versed in the technical, procedural, and ethical aspects of milk banking.  

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Catherine Watson Genna

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Sep 20th 2020
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