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Cathy Garbin

Cathy has worked in hospitals and in the community in rural, remote and metropolitan areas since 1977, working with families in a range of areas from the Flying Doctor Service to aged care. Her interest in family health intensified after having two children of her own. She has been in private practice as a lactation consultant since 1999. Cathy spent 71/2 years working with the Hartmann Human Lactation Research Group at the University of Western Australia as a research associate, doing lactation research. This group is recognised worldwide for its work in the area under the direction of Professor Peter Hartmann and Professor Donna Geddes. During this time her breastfeeding knowledge vastly increased and she presented at many breastfeeding conferences within Australia and internationally. Cathy produces and hosts parenting workshops for families. She also provides intensive one-day study sessions for health professionals in rural and metropolitan areas. Cathy’s passion is for a “bright future” for children. Her role in this is to help parents gain confidence, education and support along with learning the art of breastfeeding. She enjoys her work immensely and considers it a privilege to be able to assist families during one of the most special times of their lives.

Liz Brooks

AQC (Quebec Association of IBCLCs)

May 28th 2024
Presented online, and translated into French

Liz Brooks

Inland Empire Breastfeeding Coalition (California, USA)

Jun 25th 2024
On-line webinar, broadcast from California, USA

Lisa Marasco

GOLD Lactation

Aug 19th 2024

Bonnie Logsdon

Texas WIC Association Conference

Aug 22nd 2024
Austin, TX

Melissa Cole

GOLD Tongue Tie Symposium 2024

Sep 9th 2024

Bonnie Logsdon

Appalachian Breastfeeding Network

Sep 24th 2024

Laurel Wilson

Minnesota WIC Breastfeeding Conference - Step Into the Future

Sep 25th 2024
Bloomington, Minnesota