Leveling the Playing Field: Addressing Disparities in NICU Care

Time-frame: 60
CERP: yes

Much has been written about disparities in US society—education, health care, income, and law enforcement, to name  few—and the importance of leveling the playing field. This talk describes two kinds of unlevel playing fields—the broad social field and the personal, local, community field—and applies them to maternal-child health, specifically breastfeeding and prematurity. Through discussion, lecture, and small group exercises, participants will explore different types of disparities and tools to address them, including advocacy and policy, clinical practice, and family and community support. The talk can be expanded to include birth in general.

Naomi Bar-Yam, ACSW, PhD

Country: USA
Phone number: 617-599-2902
Email: naomi@necsi.edu


Rich and Creamy for Our Preemie

Having a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is difficult. It is important for every family member to be included. As children and their families read and color this book, they will learn how the NICU, other moms, and local milk banks support breastfeeding and work to make the newest family member grow healthy and strong.