The Lactation Professional’s Role in Supporting Optimal Healing Outcomes for the Newborn Post-Frenectomy

Time-frame: 60-120 minutes
CERP: yes

A hotly debated topic among clinicians is post-frenotomy care. There are a few emerging theories and clinical practice ideas when it comes to frenotomy aftercare for the newborn. Clinicians and families sometimes struggle with the idea of how to balance efficient post-frenotomy care while minimizing stress and discomfort of the newborn. While the evidence strongly points to the benefit of frenotomy for tongue-tied neonates, there is little published evidence regarding best aftercare practices. During this presentation we will explore the lactation consultant’s role in supporting the family post-frenotomy. We will also discuss neonatal pain and pain management strategies and the impact of stress on wound healing. This presentation will help provide a well-rounded view of frenotomy aftercare strategies lactation professionals should consider when supporting families coping with post frenotomy concerns.

Note: This presentation could easily be expanded to a clinical practice day with actual post-frenotomy dyads.

Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC, RLC

Country: United States
Phone number: 360-830-6455
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