Lactation After Loss

Time-frame: 45-60 minutes
CERP: yes

After losing an infant, grieving parents may still have to cope with postpartum issues, including lactation. This presentation reviews and addresses care options for lactation concerns after pregnancy, neonatal, or infant loss. Currently, lactation care and advice after loss varies greatly. Lactation consultants are instrumental in providing parents with anticipatory guidance and evidence-based care. Implementing system-wide training and education regarding this topic will help families receive the information they need to deal with the physiological aftermath of infant loss.

Note: Melissa thoughtfully and comprehensively covers the topic of lactation care after perinatal, neonatal or infant loss. This presentation session is an excellent addition to conferences covering emotional, ethical and physiological lactation issues. This presentation is useful for healthcare professionals wishing to implement better policies in regards to lactation care after loss and allied providers wishing to improve their counseling and clinical skills in regards to supporting parents that have suffered infant loss.

Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC, RLC

Country: United States
Phone number: 360-830-6455
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