Connection and Care: Virtual Support for Tongue-Tied Infants

Time-frame: 60-90
CERP: yes

Providing virtual care has become a reality for many lactation professionals. How can we best consult families of tongue-tied babies virtually? How do we get the visual and functional information we need to guide our care when we are ‘hands-off’? This session will discuss strategies for health professional working remotely including assessment, documentation, care plan formation, teamwork, and the referral process. While different than in-person consultations, virtual connection and excellent care for tongue-tied babies and their families is possible! Learning to adapt our practice style, gather information digitally, and pivot with the times is vital for our role in providing comprehensive lactation support virtually.

Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC, RLC

Country: United States
Phone number: 360-830-6455
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