Clinical Skills Workshop

Time-frame: All Day
CERP: yes

Melissa is passionate about improving parental/infant assessment and clinical skills for lactation consultants and allied healthcare professionals. This clinical skills workshop focuses on working directly with parent/infant dyads. Traditionally, the hosting organizers will invite dyads from the community to come participate. Melissa will guide participants through an in-depth, comprehensive lactation consultation that involves parental/infant assessment and the formation of comprehensive clinical care plan. Participants will learn about advanced clinical assessment and care strategies. Melissa’s goal for participants is that they view the feeding dyad holistically, looking at lactation issues from a physical and emotional perspective. Melissa firmly believes that excellent clinical skills must go hand-in-hand with excellent counseling skills in order for lactation professionals to truly make a difference.

Note: The clinical skills workshop is always well received. Participants gain valuable experience and knowledge observing and participating in the actual consultation process with real parents and infants. The clinical skills workshop is an excellent addition to a conference. Many conference organizers use it as an add-on day for participants that want more in-depth training from their conference experience.

Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC, RLC

Country: United States
Phone number: 360-830-6455
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