The Right Way to Say “You’re Wrong:” Effective Ethical Scripting for Tough Talk in Lactation

Time-frame: 60-90 minutes
CERP: yes

Lactation care providers like IBCLCs have broad, well-defined areas of authority and expertise, explained in their practicing-guiding documents.  Yet in day-to-day practice, IBCLCs and other lactation care providers frequently meet “push-back” as they consult with lactating parents. Examples:  Primary healthcare providers who are not familiar with lactation research and practice (and undercut the care plan); family members who negate supportive teaching; colleagues who practice with “loose ethics” or conflicts-of-interest; co-workers who overstep the Scope of Practice and Clinical Competencies; social media kerfuffles about everything from formula supplementation to safe sleep to predatory marketing tactics.  What can (or should?) an IBCLC or other provider say, without compounding the problem? Effective communication matters – so much so that IBLCE will soon require five hours of teaching on communication skills for new IBCLC aspirants. This session will cover the IBCLC’s legal and ethical requirements for effective communication, charting, and report-writing.  These principles will appy to anyone helping lactation families. It will describe principles of adult learning that improve communication, and provide sample scripts (freely adaptable or used as-is) to cover a wide range of issues that vex.

This session meets requirements for E-CERP approval, for material covering Ethical and Legal Issues, and Public Health and Advocacy, coming under Section VII. Clinical Skills of the IBLCE Detailed Content Outline. At the end of this session, the learner will be able to (1) Identify two mandatory, and one voluntary, practice-guiding document(s) for the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC); (2) Identify 3 elements in the IBCLC’s mandatory practice-guiding documents defining the responsibility to communicate with and educate patients/clients, and members of the healthcare team; (3) Formulate 3 sample scripts for effectively discussing sensitive or controversial clinical topics with patients/client, and healthcare providers.


Country: USA
Phone number: 215-836-9088
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