Parents, Babies, Milk and the Law: Legal and Ethical Issues in Bedside Breast/Chestfeeding Support

Time-frame: 60-90
CERP: yes

Parent blood tested positive for opiods when they arrived to deliver the baby, and they now want to breastfeed. New parent hands you a print-out from a social networking site, and asks if you agree with the customer ratings given for various breastfeeding supplies. Low-supply NICU parent wants to know if they can bring in expressed human milk from their best friend, who is still breastfeeding a toddler. OB orders a hormonal contraceptive injection on Day 2 for an exclusively breastfeeding mother, and you are concerned the progestin will affect milk supply. Yikes! Who knew the road to safe, natural, biologic-norm breast/chestfeeding had so many legal and ethical potholes? At the end of this session, participants will be able to: (1) Describe the difference between a legal and an ethical responsibility as a health care provider; (2) Define a professional conflict of interest for the medical professional serving clients/patients; (3) Identify three reliable on-line, evidence-based lactation resources for parents, and for health care providers; (4) Implement immediate changes in record-keeping to conform with ethical benchmarks for lactation consultation

Note: E-CERPs-appropriate material is covered in this session. 90 minutes is the customary session time. although material can be covered in 60 minutes. A 120 minute session allows for plenty of Q&A at the end, which participants find very helpful.


Country: USA
Phone number: 215-836-9088
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