One-to-One and Not on Websites? Ethics Issues When Int’l Code Supporters Teach About Bottle/Teat Use

Time-frame: 60-90
CERP: yes

Marketers of bottles and teats are happy to “teach” about their use with ads targeted at new families. IBCLCs know that best professional practice is built on a parent-centered model: Craft a care plan individualized to the family’s needs. The plan may involve medically-indicated use of formula or expressed human milk; there may be supplementation that involves the use of a bottle-and-teat. Perhaps the family has simply chosen to use bottles. Can an IBCLC even offer this teaching, while respecting both the IBLCE Code of Professional Conduct and the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes? What if IBCLC colleagues make (loud) accusations that such teaching does not support the International Code? When does “teaching” cross the line, and become “marketing” of products that fall within the scope of the Int’l Code? Who said this teaching had to be done one-on-one … and what happens if it occurs on-line?

This session examines the ethical and legal tensions that can come into play when IBCLCs and other healthcare providers offer suggestions to breastfeeding or bottle-using families about the use of bottles, teats and infant formula.

This session meets requirements for E-CERP approval, for material covering Ethical and Legal Issues, and Public Health and Advocacy, coming under Section VII. Clinical Skills of the IBLCE Detailed Content Outline. This session will allow the learner to:

(1) Identify which sections of IBCLC practice-guiding documents (IBLCE Code of Professional Conduct, Scope of Practice, Clinical Competencies and ILCA Standards of Practice) cover discussion of bottles, teats and formula/supplements

(2) Describe sections of public health documents ([WHO] International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and UNICEF/WHO Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative 20-hour training course for healthcare workers) that cover discussion of bottles, teats and formula/supplement use

(3) Compare and contrast examples of product descriptions, versus product marketing

(4) Learn language to teach to breastfeeding families best practices for the use of bottles and teats


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