Why Can’t That Baby Latch? How Tongue and Lip Mobility Restriction Can Affect Breastfeeding

Time-frame: 60-90
CERP: yes

Successful lactation depends in part on a baby’s ability to latch and draw milk from the breast in an effective and efficient manner. When baby isn’t able to do his job, everyone suffers. Tongue and lip mobility restriction can both overtly and subtly impact baby’s suck, yet this problem is rarely picked up by most health care providers. Anterior tongue-tie is easiest to identify, but restrictions involving the posterior tongue or the lip can be equally devastating and yet are almost unknown. This talks covers the role of the tongue and lips in sucking and red flags for tongue mobility restriction. Each variation of problem is illustrated by multiple photos and video clips, and optional cases describe presentation, treatment and outcome.

Lisa Marasco, MA, IBCLC, FILCA

Country: USA
Phone number: +01 805 714-3331
Email: LisaIBCLC@Marasco.US
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