What About Next Time? Planning for the Next Baby

Time-frame: 75-90
CERP: yes

When a mother has struggled with chronic low milk production, sooner or later she begins to wonder about the next baby. Will this happen to me again? Is there anything I can do to increase my chance of more success the next time around? Should I even try breastfeeding again? Research suggests that mothers often do better with subsequent babies, but not all mothers wish to wait passively on the roll of the dice. For those who desire to be proactive, there often are concrete clues that can help paint a prognosis and lend guidance to future plans. This session will look at various scenarios of low milk supply and analyze potential variables that might be influenced in the future. Specific cases with varying outcomes will be presented, along with discussion on counseling challenges and helping mothers find emotional balance in the process.

Lisa Marasco, MA, IBCLC, FILCA

Country: USA
Phone number: +01 805 714-3331
Email: LisaIBCLC@Marasco.US
Site: http://lowmilksupply.org
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Core Curriculum for Interdisciplinary Lactation Care

Chapter 22, Low Milk Production and Infant Weight, co-authored with Kay Hoover and Kelli Fornow. This edition won first place in the American Journal of Nursing book of the year category for maternal-child and neonatal nursing!

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