Unsolved Mysteries of the Human Mammary Gland

Time-frame: 90
CERP: yes

Based on Lisa’s seminal article on the topic, this presentation explores what we do and do not yet know on topics that impact lactation clinicians, including the “true” rate of insufficient milk, FIL, infertility, the milk ejection reflex, hypoplasia, hypertension, nutrition, maternal age, serotonin, and more. Current challenges in obtaining the research we all want will also be discussed with an eye to how we can help. “Unsolved Mysteries” is a relational presentation that engages the audience by allowing them to choose the topics for discussion; attendees are guaranteed to walk away with new insights/information.

Lisa Marasco, MA, IBCLC, FILCA

Country: USA
Phone number: +01 805 714-3331
Email: LisaIBCLC@Marasco.US
Site: http://lowmilksupply.org
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Core Curriculum for Interdisciplinary Lactation Care

Chapter 22, Low Milk Production and Infant Weight, co-authored with Kay Hoover and Kelli Fornow

Making More Milk 2nd Edition

Second Edition! Updated with newly expanded Milk Supply Equation, pregnancy/birth issues, lactogenic foods, complementary therapies, Lactation Curve, and more.