Mother-infant Sleep Location and Nighttime Feeding Behaviors

Time-frame: 60-90
CERP: yes

Healthcare providers and public health officials are increasingly telling mothers not to sleep with their babies. How is this impacting mothers’ behavior? This presentation will show U.S. data from the Survey of Mothers’ Sleep and Fatigue. The survey data provides information on where babies start and finish the night, what mothers are telling their friends, family and healthcare providers, and how they feel about their sleep arrangements. It also addresses the issue of whether the policy of asking mothers to never share a bed with their babies is having an unintended effect. Our findings show that 44% of mothers, in an effort to avoid bed sharing, are sometimes falling asleep with their babies on couches, sofas, and recliners–sleep surfaces that all sleep experts agree are dangerous for babies. This presentation will also consider the policy implications of the AAP 2011 statement of safe infant sleep, and current findings and advice given to new parents.

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett Ph.D, IBCLC, FAPA

Country: USA
Phone number: 806-367-9950
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