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Christy Jo Hendricks, IBCLC

Christy Jo Hendricks

Country: United States
Phone number: 951.809.7827


Making Milk

Making Milk is full of artistic examples of breastfeeding and various options for supplementing with mamas milk. This coloring book promotes mindfulness while enjoying reading the affirmations and creating an artistic work of art.

Mommy Feeds Baby

Mommy Feeds Baby is a wonderful children’s book that normalizes breastfeeding. This book portrays the natural, organic and nutritional food moms provide through breastmilk; and the bonding that is created through breastfeeding. The lack of breastfeeding educational material for children prompted the production of Mommy Feeds Baby. This book fills a void that has been lingering in homes and hospitals where breastfeeding is the preferred feeding choice.

Moms and children love the message and delivery of this unique, pioneering book that depicts breastfeeding as unique and individual as it is. The breastfed children and families displayed in Mommy Feeds Baby vary in age and ethnicity. Illustrations display infants to toddlers, dyads to tandem, families and siblings-all involved in the celebration of breastfeeding. This hardback book contains remarkable illustrations that have been digitally enhanced and animated in order to captivate young audiences. The repetitious, easy-to-read phrase, confirms what many individuals wish to convey, and has children chanting, “Mommy feeds Baby.” A book on such a personal topic would not be complete without a page reserved for the reader’s own photograph. The last page in the book has been dedicated for moms to document their own breastfeeding experience. This space allows moms to incorporate themselves into the story by recording their favorite breastfeeding memory and inserting a personal photograph. It is important to remember the early years, and Mommy Feeds Baby provides a perfect outlet to commemorate the precious memories of bonding and breastfeeding.