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Carol Thomason has been a “change agent” for improved lactation services since 1988. This has included working on in-hospital and birthing-center protocals and classes and teaching classes for staff and patients since 1990. She has organized trainings for staff within the Kaiser system in Northern California, and since 2010, has taught a 45 hour breastfeeding class in Maui and Northern California that has trained over 140 nurses, physicians, La Leche League leaders, and midwives in breastfeeding. Sixty of them have gone on to take and pass IBCLC boards. She works as a full-scope nurse-midwife in a busy level III hospital in Northern California so her classes involve nitty-gritty information that is practical to you whether you work in-patient or out-patient in your setting. While working in Maui, she founded their Breastfeeding Task Force, and worked with the state task force in innitiating a program that helped many hospitals statewide go baby friendly. She is a certified teacher, and teaches with enthusiasm, passion, and humor using many modalities to inspire change and compassionate care of breastfeeding families. She speaks locally and nationally on birth and breastfeeding. She is an avid “truth” seeker, so her educational sessions are up-to-date and evidence based. Your audience will be inspired by her talks.

Official Bio for Brochure

Carol Thomason, teacher, midwife, and lactation consultant, has placed infant and maternal health at the center of her career for the last 3 1/2 decades. Her passion for midwifery and breastfeeding comes from a strong interest in public health and preventative medicine. What could be more important that breastfeeding in preventing health issues? She has worked in inpatient and outpatient settings as a lactation consultant and midwife since 1980 and has taught classes on birth practices and breastfeeding since that time. Ms. Thomason helps put changes into place within outpatient and hospital settings that support the mother-baby dyad to attain their optimal potential for connection and health together. This includes educating front line staff in evidence-based practices that support bonding and breastfeeding. She teaches 1 hour to 45 hour classes nationally that inspire people to make changes at their own sites. Her ideas are practical as she works in a full-scope practice in Northern California’s largest Kaiser Hospital and to date her classes have inspired over 65 nurses since 2010 to take IBCLC boards. She uses human and creativity to help institutions change which have included evidence-based summits on breastfeeding, comedy shows on breastfeeding, art exibits on breastfeeding, and poster sessions for staff on ideal care.

Bio for Introduction

Carol Thomason, Nurse-Midwife, and Lactation Consultant, has enjoyed working on improving health care services for mothers and babies for thirty five years. This has included founding several task forces on breastfeeding, working on the 10 steps to baby friendly hospitals, sitting on regional task forces, teaching classes for patients and staff, producing comedy shows and art shows on breastfeeding, and finally inspiring nurses, midwives, and physicians in outpatient and inpatient settings to take the IBCLE boards and work on positive changes in their own settings. She is able to make difficult concepts simple and fun, and her attendees of her 45 hour IBCLC Exam prep class have a 98% pass rate! She is a national speaker who teaches new concepts that are evidence-based and enjoys teaching in creative ways that are both practical and inspirational. She believes that we all can be inspired by the amazing science of breastfeeding and can pass on our enthusiasm, knowledge, and practical information that really works to our families every day, so we return to our work and lives inspired and not tired!


Carol Thomason

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