Who Needs the Most Breastfeeding Help?

Time-frame: 60
CERP: yes

The concept of patient acuity helps match the condition of a patient with the amount of care needed to treat them. This permits more efficient staffing, improves patient outcomes, and contributes to patient safety. ” Lactation acuity” groups breastfeeding dyads into 3 categories, and outlines the type of care each may require. This lecture reviews an essential, evidence-based concept for improving patient care and protecting breastfeeding.

Many of those delivering lactation care are unaware of the amount of research available that predicts which patients will experience sub-optimal early breastfeeding. These are the dyads at risk of early abandonment of exclusive breastfeeding, typically by Day 3. This talk gives people assessment skills that buy time to identify and solve problems while protecting the milk supply. Numerous photos illustrate the concepts presented.

Barbara Wilson-Clay BSEd, IBCLC, FILCA

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