So you think your can help? Communication skills that help families meet their breastfeeding goals

Time-frame: All Day
CERP: yes

How we communicate with our clients is critical to how successful our help will be. Traditionally, health care providers “inform” clients as to what they should do to improve their health. Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to improve health of both mothers and babies. By using non-traditional communication techniques, support people can increase their odds that the time they spend with their clients will be evoke the positive health changes the clients are interested in achieving. This session will focus on two techniques. The first, Motivational Interviewing, will be introduced to the participants leaving them with thought provoking new ideas about how they work together. The second technique explores how we can help our clients identify the obstacles that are preventing them from reaching their goals. The combination of helping clients identify their obstacles to success while using the collaborative communication techniques of Motivational Interviewing is powerful and will help us become stronger support people for positive health change.

Barbara D. Robertson

Country: USA
Phone number: 734-975-6534
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Supporting Families, Building Confidence, and Increasing Breastfeeding Success

Helping families feel more confident can lead to greater breastfeeding success. IBCLCs can play a role in this. They can help families learn to trust their own parenting abilities, trust themselves,and trust their babies to tell them what they need. This article outlines many practical tips forIBCLCs to try. Better communication leads to improved relationships with families and this inturn can help families learn to trust themselves.

Eight Things Fostering Kittens Have Taught Me About Infant Feeding

In this article Barbara discusses the lessons she has learned from feeding another type of mammal, kittens. Because of her fostering experience and needing to supplement these orphaned babies, Barbara has come up with eight key points about supplementation that apply to all mammals, not just kittens.

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