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Time-frame: 24.5 L CERPs
CERP: yes

COMING AGAIN IN Winter 2023!
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If you are looking for an educational opportunity for your state (such as through WIC or your state breastfeeding coalition) this could be a perfect choice! Email to learning more!

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Do you want to unlock the secrets of Making More Milk? Barbara D. Robertson is joined by Lisa Marasco, one of the authors of the book, to break this down for you. Having a structured format tends to move things from the “oh I should do that” to DONE!

This course is for professionals and families! All you need is to be a person who wants to know more about milk supply! When you register, you will get an invitation to join Thinkific, an easy to use, online learning program. You will see the required reading listed for each of the seven Sessions.  This group will consist of seven live 2-hour Zoom meetings where the important parts of the assigned chapters will be reviewed. We are very lucky that one of the authors, Lisa Marasco, will be joining us for these meetings. After the discussion there will be about 30 minutes to answer your questions, and then the last 30 minutes will be spent in break out rooms discussing our clinical questions. You do not need to attend all of the live meetings. These meetings will be recorded and posted on our Thinkific Course for you.

You will need to get your own copy of Making More Milk, Second Edition by Lisa Marasco and Diana West. The old edition from 2010 will not do!

Barbara D. Robertson

Country: USA
Phone number: 734-975-6534
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Supporting Families, Building Confidence, and Increasing Breastfeeding Success

Helping families feel more confident can lead to greater breastfeeding success. IBCLCs can play a role in this. They can help families learn to trust their own parenting abilities, trust themselves,and trust their babies to tell them what they need. This article outlines many practical tips forIBCLCs to try. Better communication leads to improved relationships with families and this inturn can help families learn to trust themselves.

Eight Things Fostering Kittens Have Taught Me About Infant Feeding

In this article Barbara discusses the lessons she has learned from feeding another type of mammal, kittens. Because of her fostering experience and needing to supplement these orphaned babies, Barbara has come up with eight key points about supplementation that apply to all mammals, not just kittens.

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