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Lisa Marasco

GOLD Lactation

Aug 19th 2024

Christine Staricka

2024 Texas WIC 50th Anniversary Conference

Aug 21st 2024
Austin, Texas, USA

Bonnie Logsdon

Texas WIC Association Conference

Aug 22nd 2024
Austin, TX

Melissa Cole

GOLD Tongue Tie Symposium 2024

Sep 9th 2024

Melissa Cole

A Mindful Approach to Care with Growing Green Families

Sep 13th 2024
Valparaiso, FL

Hope Lima

Colorado Lactation Conference

Sep 13th 2024
Denver, Colorado

Bonnie Logsdon

Appalachian Breastfeeding Network

Sep 24th 2024

Laurel Wilson

Minnesota WIC Breastfeeding Conference - Step Into the Future

Sep 25th 2024
Bloomington, Minnesota