Two Ears and One Mouth: Effective Communication Skills for Breastfeeding Counselors and Lactation Consultants

Time-frame: 60-120
CERP: no

The therapeutic relationship between the breastfeeding mother and her helper depends upon the establishment of a positive rapport through the use of effective communication strategies. Application of these skills in clinical practice enhances the relationship between the helper and her client. These same skills can be used to establish trust and rapport in professional relationships increasing the ability for lactation consultants to make positive change in their work environments.

This presentation focuses on the set of skills necessary to get mothers talking and keep them talking about the joys and challenges they face in their breastfeeding relationship. From active listening to negotiation and conflict resolution, this session will provide information on the conceptual basis underlying good communication and teaches the proper way to establish rapport and trust in therapeutic relationships using various proven communication strategies.


Longer formats of this presentation with guided practice of skills available.

Alison Hazelbaker Ph.D, IBCLC, FILCA, CST, RCST