Diana West, BA, IBCLC


  • Adoptive Nursing
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Infant Feeding
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Lactation
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Nipple
  • Breast and Nipple Assessment
  • Breast Surgery and Breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding Dyad Assessment
  • Communication Skills for Breastfeeding Specialists
  • Complementary and Alternative Breastfeeding Treatments
  • Counseling Methods for Breastfeeding Specialists
  • Formula Feeding Issues
  • Galactagogues
  • Herbs and Breastfeeding
  • Humor and Breastfeeding
  • Induced Lactation
  • Infant Assessment for Breastfeeding
  • Latching Theory and Techniques
  • Low Milk Production
  • Maternal Assessment for Breastfeeding
  • Oversupply / Overactive Milk Ejection
  • Private Practice Lactation Consultation Business Issues
  • Professional Education for Breastfeeding
  • Psychology of Breastfeeding
  • Relactation
  • Suck Dysfunction
  • Supplementation of the Breastfeeding Infant
  • Tongue-Tie Assessment and Treatment
  • Working and Breastfeeding

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About the Speaker

Diana West, BA, IBCLC, is a popular international speaker at professional and parenting conferences. She genuinely enjoys speaking to both small and large audiences and has received consistently high scores on evaluation feedback. Her presentations are practical, well-organized, highly informative, and entertaining. She uses high-quality, vivid Powerpoint presentations, providing her own laptop and LCD projector upon request. She is available to speak in most locations, both in the US and internationally.

Official Bio for Brochure

Diana West is an IBCLC in private practice, co-author of Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family, the 8th edition of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk,  Breastfeeding After Breast and Nipple Procedures, and ILCA's Clinician's Breastfeeding Triage Tool.  She is the sole author of Defining Your Own Success: Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction Surgery.

Bio for Introduction

Diana West is an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) in private practice in New Jersey.  She is the co-author of Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family, the 8th edition of La Leche League International's The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk, the clinical monograph Breastfeeding After Breast and Nipple Procedures, and ILCA's popular Clinician's Breastfeeding Triage Tool. She is the sole author of Defining Your Own Success: Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction Surgery. She is on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Clinical Lactation, a La Leche League Leader and the Director of Media Relations for La Leche League International.  She has a bachelor's degree in psychology and is the administrator of the popular BFAR.org and LowMilkSupply.org websites. She lives with her three sons and one husband in the picturesque mountains of western New Jersey in the United States.


This speaker is pleased to provide presentations on the following topics to professional and parenting conferences. Presentations on other topics may be available upon request and subject to sufficient development lead-time. (For CERP topics, required paperwork will be provided promptly to meet CERP deadlines.)

Sweet Sleep: Bedsharing for Breastfeeding Mothers and Babies

90 minutes

An in-depth exploration of the science and research supporting the safety of bedsharing for breastfeeding mothers and babies.

Research-Based Sleep Guidelines for Breastfeeding Families

75 - 90 minutes

This is an evidence-based explanation of bedsharing risks and strategies, detailing the "Safe Sleep Seven" criteria, based upon the latest and highest-quality infant sleep research.

Infant Sleep Training

75 - 90 minutes

A detailed examination of the history and science behind infant sleep training practices and motivations, including gentle strategies to make nights easier.

Bedsharing in Special Circumstances

60 - 90 minutes

Bedsharing in Special Circumstances:  An exploration of the safety and logistics of bedsharing when breastfeeding multiples, premature babies, adopted babies, babies requiring supplementation, babies being bottle-fed human milk, and babies with special needs.

The Top Five Traits of a Great Lactation Consultant

60 - 90 minutes

Providing care for breastfeeding mothers is an intensive experience. While some cases are straightforward, others can be complicated, challenging the skills of the consultant and sometimes leaving mothers frustrated and dissatisfied.  A high-response survey about the clinical and communication skills mothers find valuable in lactation consultants has yielded illuminating results that will be presented in this eye-opening session, including video interviews with mothers who have experience lactation consultation services.

Making More Milk

90 - 120 minutes

SHORT DESCRIPTION: A discussion of innovative new methods to increase milk production. LONG DESCRIPTION: With new research and innovations in the lactation field, there are now many more ways to increase milk production than in previous years. This talk presents the most promising of these new methods, with information about targeting the method to the underlying problem.

Breastfeeding After Cosmetic Breast Surgery

90 - 120 minutes

A comprehensive discussion of breast augmentation and reduction surgeries and their impact upon lactation; discussion of incidence, motivations, surgical techniques, implications for lactation, psychological factors, breastfeeding management, and resources.

This is Diana's hallmark presentation based on her seminal work in this field.

Knipple Knowledge

75 - 90 minutes

This session explores normal and potentially problematic anatomical nipple variations, nipple surgeries, conditions, and their effects on milk production, milk removal, and direct breastfeeding. 

Overcoming Breastfeeding Ambivalence

60 - 75 minutes

SHORT DESCRIPTION: A discussion of ways to talk to mothers about breastfeeding that is encouraging and persuasive without coercion. LONG DESCRIPTION: It can be difficult to know how to talk to mothers who are ambivalent about breastfeeding. This talk presents effective communication methods that help mothers explore their concerns and reach a more confident perspective about breastfeeding.

Helping Millennial Moms Breastfeed

60 - 90 minutes

A discussion of effective methods to interact with the new generation of breastfeeding mothers, known as "Millennial Moms," who have vastly different needs and communication styles from those who typically counsel them.

Assessment of the Breastfeeding Dyad

75 - 90 minutes

A detailed discussion of maternal and infant breastfeeding assessment targeted to uncovering causes of low milk production. 

Making Friends with the Girls: Helping Millennial Mothers Achieve Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy

75 - 90 minutes

Methods to help today's generation of mothers feel more comfortable with their breasts in order to improve breastfeeding self-efficacy.  Includes overview of historical perspective and breastfeeding self-efficacy research.

Identifying, Assessing, and Treating Infant Tongue Tie

75 - 90 minutes

A detailed discussion of identification, assessment, and treatment of anterior and posterior variations of infant ankyloglossia.

Galactatagogues: What, When, Why, and How

75 - 90 minutes

An overview of the wide range of prescription, herbal, and nutritional galactagogues, their appropriate use, and general effectiveness.

Helping Breastfeeding Working Mothers

60 - 90 minutes

A discussion of innovative methods to help mothers who work outside the home continue to breastfeed successfully.

Infant Causes of Low Milk Production

60 - 90 minutes

A discussion of infant causes for low milk production and treatments that target those causes.

Raising Boys

60 - 90 minutes

A discussion of the ways in which boys differ from girls and how to parent them in a way that helps them develop into their best selves.

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