Craniosacral therapy: another tool in a lactation consultant’s toolbox

Time-frame: 60
CERP: no

What is craniosacral therapy? * Anatomy and physiology of the craniosacral system * Profile of affected infant * Profile of affected mother 2. Techniques · Light forces and palpation · IF THERE IS TIME: some audience partner work 3. Breastfeeding Management Model · Key concepts: assess lactation course thus far, treat mom, view mom and baby as unit · Prepare for possibility of SER (somato-emotional release) · Need time: several hours 4. Case Studies (IF TIME, CAN PRESENT BOTH) · SS: needed more help with breastfeeding, poor home environment (unsupportive H. and m-I-l), did still points and diaphragm releases on both. Saw LC when baby 8 weeks old. · TG: 6-hour labor, deep decelerations, emergency c/s, d/c home pumping and bottle-feeding and using nipple shield. Saw LC when baby 2 weeks old.

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