New Thoughts on Infant Post-Frenotomy Care

Time-frame: 60-120
CERP: yes

A hotly debated topic among tongue tie professionals is post-frenotomy care. Infants may have varying degrees of suck dysfunction and tongue mobility issues even after release. In addition, the labial and lingual incision sites can be prone to re-attaching. Melissa Cole, IBCLC, RLC will present some post-frenotomy care basic she utilizes in her own clinical practice that have proven to improve post-frenotomy healing outcomes. Parents are often exhausted from the physical and emotional roller coaster that feeding a tongue tied infant presents and sensitive care for the whole family is needed. Melissa also recognizes that post-frenotomy care ‘best practice’ is still in its infancy and she proposes a call to research this subject matter further.

Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC, RLC

Phone number: 360-830-6455
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