Dietary and Herbal Galactogogues

Time-frame: 90
CERP: yes

The topic of foods and herbs that support healthy lactation is near and dear to Melissa Cole’s heart. She works extensively with galactogogues and looks forward to sharing her knowledge with others. This presentation aims to discuss why foods/herbs are needed for healthy lactation, what options to consider and how to take an individualized approach to  galactogogues. Some questions this talk aims to answer:—Does nourishment matter when it comes to breastmilk quality or quantity? —Do you approach foods and herbs for lactating mothers in an individualized way or in a cookie-cutter way? —Do you know how to evaluate evidence regarding galactogogues and utilize meaningful resources? —Who are your go-to community resources for galactogogues and clinical care?

Presentation Objectives:—Understand why foods and herbs may be needed to support optimal lactation *Identify foods and botanicals that help support healthy lactation —*Understand the different  ways that galactogogues support lactation —*Understand a personalized approach to selecting  appropriate galactogogues *Understand how to locate resources on galactogogues and herbal safety

Note: This talk is a popular one and participants always come away learning something new. Foods and herbs for supporting lactation and wellness have a long-standing history. Participants will enjoy a colorful presentation that looks at galactogogues in an individualized way. Also, the foundational need for lactation support from a nutrition standpoint will also be covered. Conference attendees will enjoy hearing a fresh perspective on galactogogues!

Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC, RLC

Country: United States
Phone number: 360-830-6455
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