Pebble in a Pond: Advocacy for Breastfeeding Rights Starts With You

Time-frame: 60-90
CERP: yes

Legal and advocacy efforts for breastfeeding families typically embrace a macro approach to public health, and such collaborative work does “move the needle” on large scale objectives.  But in-person clinicians and counselors are frustrated at the micro level. Breastfeeding duration and exclusivity is fleeting.  Most breastfeeding/lactation advocacy falls to the tired shoulders of unsupported parents.  Compounding the scenario: health disparities caused by institutional/structural racism, oppression, and classism.  Research-to-practice gaps are stunningly apparent to lactation specialists working with families.  Yet, individual clinicians can help families realize and protect their “right to breastfeed,” a pillar of the basic human right of excellent health.  This session will describe simple, manageable, ethical, and measurable means of advocating for breastfeeding — one family at a time; one community at a time – to promote public health, social justice and individual good health.

At the end of this E-CERPs-eligible session, the learner will be able to:

(1) Describe how a “right to breastfeed” differs for parent, and child, and is defined in settings for employment, public space use, family law cases, and travel.

(2) Identify three reliable websites with resources to share with breastfeeding parents whose “right to breastfeed” is being infringed.

(3) Identify which sections of IBCLC practice-guiding documents (IBLCE Code of Professional Conduct, Scope of Practice, Clinical Competencies and ILCA Standards of Practice) address “advocacy” for breastfeeding families.



Country: USA
Phone number: 215-836-9088
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