Electronic Ethics! Avoid Getting Shocked When Texting and Cloud-based Sharing

Time-frame: 60-90 minutes; eligible for E-CERPs
CERP: yes

Can you text on your cell phone with your client about the progress of the lactation care plan, and still meet IBCLC ethical requirements for privacy and confidentiality?  Will you be able to meet the extra-added obligations required of USA-based practitioners, under the HIPAA/HITECH laws?  In the 21st century, all over the globe, we use Internet-based means of sharing and storing documents.  Our client-families insist on using text messaging or even social media networks to communicate.  And yet our practice-guiding documents and legal obligations were drafted in the 20th century, when such technology was not even envisioned.  This session will offer real-world, use-them-today suggestions, allowing the IBCLC practitioner to ethically and legally use texting, social media and cloud-based document sharing in clinical care.  HIPAA/HITECH will be explained for USA-based practitioners, but the privacy/confidentiality concepts — and the tips! — will be useful for anyone, from any country.


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