PCOS Update: What we’ve learned

Time-frame: 75-90
CERP: yes

PCOS is the leading cause of infertility in women and involves multiple possible hormonal imbalances. What has been learned about PCOS and breastfeeding? We will take a look at how the frequent problems of obesity, hyperandrogenism, insulin, thyroid and estrogen imbalances that may be part of a woman’s unique profile can impact the breastfeeding journey, then discuss potential treatments that are based on etiologies. Note: this overlaps with other hormone talks.


Lisa Marasco

Country: USA
Phone number: +01 805 937-9717
Email: LisaIBCLC@Marasco.us
Site: http://lowmilksupply.org
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Core Curriculum for Lactation Consultant Practice Third Edition

Chapter 42 Insufficient Milk Supply co-authored with Kay Hoover