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For over 30 years, Kay Hoover has been assisting breastfeeding mothers and their babies in a variety of settings and capacities. Her supportive and flexible style has benefited innumerable families over the years. She began working as a lactation consultant in private practice in 1985. She also has worked in hospital settings, not only as a provider of lactation services to postpartum mothers and their babies, but also as a trainer and educator for hospital nurses. She has a proven ability to enlist and motivate nurses to implement new techniques and increase confidence and consistency in nursing care for breastfeeding families. Her role as an educator has been wide and varied. In addition to her work with hospital staff, she has educated maternal and child health workers at the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, taught prenatal breastfeeding classes to pregnant families in various settings and college courses at The Pennsylvania State University. Most recently she designed and taught a Lactation Consultant Training program for aspiring lactation consultants.Kay is committed to providing quality lactation care combining her years of experience and evidence-based practices. Along these lines, she has authored several articles and book chapters, and she co-authored The Breastfeeding Atlas. Kay has lectured widely, at both national and international conferences. She also served on the board of the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners for six years. She and her husband, Charlie are the parents of three breastfed sons and have three breastfed grandsons.

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Kay has worked as a private practice lactation consultant, a hospital lactation consultant, the lactation consultant for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, and for The Center for Childhood Obesity Research at The Pennsylvania State University. She has presented workshops at national and international conferences. She is a co-author of The Breastfeeding Atlas.

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20 Hour Basic Course for Hospital Nurses

Time-frame: 60-120
CERP: no

Topics include: What to Do If the Baby Has Not Latched on Yet, Evaluating a Good Breastfeeding Alternative Feeding Method, Physiology of Lactation, Kangaroo Care, Hospital Policies to Support Breastfeeding, Stabilizing the Newborn, Skin-to-Skin at Birth, Assessment for Breastfeeding Problems, Obesity and Breastfeeding, Anatomy of the Nipple, Infant and Maternal Causes of Low Milk Supply, Case Studies on Weight Gain Problems, Problems of the Lactating Breast, Oversupply, Painful Nipples, Multiples, and When There is No Research to Back-Up Practices.

Kay Hoover M Ed, IBCLC, RLC, FILCA

Phone number: 610-543-5995
Email: kay@hoover.net
Site: http://www.BreastfeedingMaterials.com