Human Milk Production: Just when you thought you knew

Time-frame: 60 minutes
CERP: yes

“I didn’t make enough milk!” We hear it on a regular basis from heartbroken new mothers.  In fact, this is the number one factor contributing to breastfeeding failure after two weeks of age is a perception of inadequate milk production.  This phenomenon of sudden onset lactation failure is widely accepted as a common occurrence among breastfeeding mothers.  This topic has been the subject of a number of quality studies that have yielded a conflicting mix of responses from primary health care providers and lactation consultants alike. This discussion will attempt to shed light on the very different concepts of “Milk Production” vs. “Milk Synthesis” and will demonstrate how confusion between those two concepts have clouded the study of milk production, promote the fallacy of “insufficient milk production syndrome”, and contribute to the failure of breastfeeding.  This presentation will also attempt to provide a preliminary course of action to begin anew in milk production research and perhaps even provide a framework for helping the new mothers facing the milk supply challenge.

Jarold (Tom) Johnston CNM, IBCLC

Country: United States of America
Phone number: 910-964-7679
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Johnston, JT & Ericson-Owens, D. (2004) “New route of Danazol for Endometriosis needs more study” JNMWH 49(6) p. 546-8

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