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Adoptive Nursing
Adult Education
Advocacy for Breastfeeding
Allergies/Intolerances and Breastfeeding
Anatomy and Physiology of Infant Feeding
Anatomy and Physiology of Lactation
Anatomy and Physiology of the Nipple
Baby Training/Sleep Programs
Babywearing and Breastfeeding
Birth Interventions and Breastfeeding
Birthing Practices and Breastfeeding
Body Modifications and Breastfeeding
Breast and Nipple Assessment
Breast Surgery and Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding and the LGBT Community
Breastfeeding Classes
Breastfeeding Dyad Assessment
CAPPA 20 Hour Certified Lactation Professional Course
Co-Sleeping, Bed-Sharing, and Breastfeeding
Colic and Breastfeeding
Communication Skills for Breastfeeding Specialists
Complementary and Alternative Breastfeeding Treatments
Counseling Methods for Breastfeeding Specialists
Culture and Breastfeeding
Cystic Fibrosis and Breastfeeding
Depression in Breastfeeding Mothers
Diabetes and Breastfeeding
Digestion and Absorption of Human Milk
Domestic Violence and Breastfeeding
Dysphoric Milk Ejection
Elimination Diet for Breastfeeding
Endocrinology of Breastfeeding
Ethics of Breastfeeding Counseling/Practice
Extended Breastfeeding
Formula Feeding Issues
Hazardous Materials and Breastfeeding
Herbs and Breastfeeding
HIV/AIDS and Breastfeeding
Hospital Practice/Policy and Breastfeeding
Human Milk Banking
Human Milk Components and Biochemistry
Humor and Breastfeeding
Immune Factors in Human Milk
In-Patient Lactation Management
Incarcerated Mothers and Birth
Incarcerated Mothers and Breastfeeding
Induced Lactation
Infant Assessment for Breastfeeding
Infant Feeding in Emergencies
Infant Nutrition and Breastfeeding
Inflammation and Depression in Breastfeeding Mothers
Internet Practice Issues for Breastfeeding Counseling
Jaundice and Breastfeeding
Lactation Management for the Health Care Professional
Lactation research
Language of Breastfeeding
Latching Theory and Techniques
Legal Issues and Breastfeeding
Legislation and Breastfeeding
Low Milk Production
Mammals and Breastfeeding
Marketing and New Media for Lactation Professionals
Maternal Assessment for Breastfeeding
Medications and Breastfeeding
Military Breastfeeding Mothers
Multiples and Breastfeeding
NICU Policy/Procedures for Breastfeeding Mothers/Infants
Nighttime Parenting and Depression
Obesity and Breastfeeding
Overactive Milk Ejection
Oversupply / Overactive Milk Ejection
Parenting Techniques
Pediatrician's Office Practice Issues for Breastfeeding Specialists
Premature Breastfeeding Babies
Private Practice Lactation Consultation Business Issues
Products for Breastfeeding
Professional Education for Breastfeeding
Psychology of Breastfeeding
Public Breastfeeding Policy
Reproductive Trauma and Breastfeeding
Right Brain Learning Activities for Breastfeeding Mothers
SIDS and Breastfeeding
Sociology of Breastfeeding
Special Needs Breastfeeding Babies
Stress & Burnout in professionals
Suck Dysfunction
Supplementation of the Breastfeeding Infant
Tandem Breastfeeding
Technology for Breastfeeding Specialists
Teen Breastfeeding Mothers
Tongue-Tie Assessment and Treatment
Tools for Breastfeeding Management
WIC Counseling Methods
WIC Policy and Procedures
Work - life balance
Working and Breastfeeding
Yeast and Breastfeeding