What, she didn’t follow my care plan? How to increase client success

Time-frame: 90 minutes
CERP: yes

Many of us are baffled when mothers don’t follow our advice. We painstakingly create such thoughtful, careful care plans, filled with valuable instructions and information. Yet, when we follow up with our mothers, we find that they have not done what we told them to. What is going on? We will exam the research on medical compliance and then focus in on how this relates to the lactation field. How do we set mothers up for failure to comply with our suggestions?  In small groups, we will work on improving sample care plans and role play how we can better communicate with mothers so their care plans are realistic and better suited to each individual mother’s needs. Our behavior does influence how compliant mothers will be. Let’s make sure we are setting mothers up for success.

Barbara D. Robertson

Country: USA
Phone number: 734-975-6534
Email: barbara@bfcaa.com
Site: http://bfcaa.com
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