Non-latching babies: Why and what to do

Time-frame: 60-120 minutes
CERP: yes

When parents are struggling with a baby who isn’t latching, it is very stressful. They often feel that the baby doesn’t “like” them, or “hates” the breast. Mothers will often become exclusive pumpers or wean early if this issue isn’t quickly resolved. This session will explore the reasons a baby might not be able to latch and how we can help. Both non-latching newborns and nursing strikes will be discussed. Babies are intrinsically compelled to breastfeed. By re-framing the issue from babies not “wanting” to latch, to a baby being “unable” to latch, leaves a feeling of hope. Discovering the obstacles that are interfering with this natural, ingrained process of breastfeeding is a key component. The reasons why a baby might not be able to latch, possible ideas to investigate, strategies to try, will all be covered in this interactive session.

Barbara D. Robertson

Country: USA
Phone number: 734-975-6534
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