Helping to level the playing field by using effective communications techniques

Time-frame: 60-120 minutes

The IBCLC profession is not made up of a diverse group of people. Dominated by older, white, middle class women, there have been charges of not being able to serve the diversity of the population that surrounds us. While the evidence is strong that having people with similar characteristics serve similar people, the reality is that diversity in the IBCLC profession, as in most professions requiring advanced training, is growing slowly. What can be done now? Using communication techniques that promote respect and autonomy can greatly increase the ability for different types of people to find commonality. Motivational Interviewing is a communication style that allows each client to reveal their unique situation and have the health care provider respond in a way that is genuine and tailored to that particular mother and baby. Everyone wants to be understood. Avoiding common mistakes such as making false assumptions is avoided when we allow each client to tell their story in their own way.

Barbara D. Robertson

Country: USA
Phone number: 734-975-6534
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