Tools for Supplementing Breastfeeding

Time-frame: 60 minutes
CERP: yes
While most nursing parents hope to produce enough milk to meet their babies’ needs, sometimes it just isn’t possible. For a variety of reasons including a  difficult start with breastfeeding, breast/chest surgery, insufficient glandular tissue, adoption, surrogacy, and LGBTQ non-gestational breastfeeding, supplementation may be necessary either temporarily or for the duration of breastfeeding.  While most parents assume supplementation means bottle-feeding, as lactation professionals we can educate the parents we work with about additional options.  We can educate parents about at-breast supplementation, finger-feeding, and bottle-feeding techniques that support breastfeeding so that they can select a supplementation tool that supports their needs, their babies’ needs and overall breastfeeding success.

Alyssa Schnell

Country: USA
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