The External Milk Duct: Choosing and Using A Nursing Supplementer

Time-frame: 75-90 minutes
CERP: yes

Exclusive feeding directly from the breast or chest is not always available.  Common reasons for this include a baby who is unable to effectively remove milk from the breast/chest or a parent who is not producing enough milk to meet baby’s needs.  A nursing supplementer – or supplemental feeding tube device as it is often referred to in journals – can serve as an “external milk duct” providing plenty of extra flow when baby needs an easier flow or parents need an increased flow.  A nursing supplementer can help preserve the breastfeeding relationship and increase milk production.  So why isn’t it used more often?  It can be challenging to use, especially at first.  As a lactation consultant who specializes in working with parents inducing lactation, Alyssa has seen the struggles and successes using a nursing supplementer first-hand.  In this presentation she shares her professional experience and the wisdom of the research to help other lactation professionals support clients with this incredible tool for supporting long-term breastfeeding outcomes.


Alyssa Schnell

Country: USA
Phone number: 314-614-2074
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