ReLATCHtation: Transitioning from Bottle-feeding to At-Breast/Chest Feeding

Time-frame: 60 minutes
CERP: yes

Newborn babies are hardwired for breastfeeding:  their newborn instincts direct them to latching at the breast/chest.  But what about older babies who are currently exclusively bottle-feeding – can they learn to breastfeed too?  A birthing parent may wish to initiate or resume breastfeeding after choosing not to breastfeed or discontinuing breastfeeding.  An adoptive or foster parent may be placed with an older baby or toddler whom they wish to nurse.  With patience, persistence, support, and some tools and tricks, it can be possible.  This presentation discusses how to know if baby is ready to breastfeed, setting the stage for success, and the process of gentle transitioning from bottle to breast/chest.

Alyssa Schnell

Country: USA
Phone number: 314-614-2074
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