Bottles, Breastfeeding and Beyond: Infant Feeding Options for Non-Gestational Parents

Time-frame: 60 minutes
CERP: yes

Non-gestational parents are not limited to bottles filled with formula or their partner’s milk.  This presentation embraces a variety of feeding options available to non-gestational parents … whether they are mothers or fathers, adoptive or intended, cis-gender or transgender.  Options that include bottle-nursing, finger-feeding, comfort nursing, milk sharing and more.  Alyssa will outline what feeding options might suit various families best based on parent health, infant health and development, time available, financial resources, and amount of support required.  Of course, in the end parents generally have a sense of what feeding options they feel most drawn to, and the goal of this presentation is to provide them to finding success wherever their hearts lead.

Alyssa Schnell

Country: USA
Phone number: 314-614-2074
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