An Individualized Approach to Inducing Lactation

Time-frame: 60-120 minutes
CERP: yes

Can a parent who did not birth their baby make milk for that baby? They certainly can, and it is happening in more and more families.   Non-birthing parents may be adoptive, intended (through surrogacy), the partner of the birthing parent, and/or trans-female.  While there are generic protocols for inducing lactation, customizing an approach to match the specific health history, circumstances, values and priorities of the parent will result in a plan to best meet their needs.  A personalized protocol for inducing lactation can be developed for each parent using 3 basic steps or less.  In this presentation, we will discuss how lactation occurs when it doesn’t immediately follow birth, tools and techniques involved in each step, timing of the three steps, and what degree of lactation can be expected.

Alyssa Schnell

Country: USA
Phone number: 314-614-2074
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