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Liz Brooks is a private practice International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and licensed lawyer, with expertise in public health, ethics, advocacy, criminal, and administrative law. Liz offers in-home lactation consultations, and bedside care in a large Baby-Friendly-designated hospital.  She has been a leader in organizations for IBCLCs, breastfeeding promotion, and non-profit human milk banking.  She taught at Drexel University’s Pathway 2 program for IBCLC candidates, authored the only text book on legal and ethical issues for the IBCLC, and has articles on health care ethics, equity, and conflict-of-interest in several books, blogs, and peer-reviewed journals. She provides Baby-Friendly teaching, and is a popular international conference speaker, offering practical tips with wit and wisdom for anyone who works with lactating and human milk-using families.

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