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Jeanette McCulloch IBCLC

Jeanette McCulloch is an IBCLC and the co-founder of BirthSwell, an organization improving infant and maternal health by changing the way we talk about birth and breastfeeding. She has been using strategic communications and messaging to change policy, spread new ideas, and build thriving businesses for more than 20 years. Jeanette is honored to be working with local, national, and international birth and breastfeeding organizations and advocates ensuring that women have access to high-quality care and information. Jeanette unplugs while splashing around with her two children in the gorges of her hometown, Ithaca, NY.

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Melissa Cole

Tongue-Tie Update and Study Day

Sep 3rd 2015
Kings College Hospital, London

Alison Hazelbaker

CST for Tongue Tie

Sep 10th 2015
Columbus, Ohio, United States

Alison Hazelbaker

CST for Infant Breastfeeding

Sep 14th 2015
Columbus, Ohio, United States

Alyssa Schnell


Sep 15th 2015