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Geraldine Cahill IBCLC, BA Community Ed. BA Training, Dip Ed.,(Antenatal)

Geraldine Cahill is married with 4 children, now all adult at 20, 23, 26 and 27. She became interested in Breastfeeding and Childbirth through the experience of birthing and breastfeeding her own children. She has been a Voluntary Breastfeeding Counsellor since 1993 and has been teaching childbirth education classes since 1998 when she qualified as a teacher with the NCT in the UK,. She teaches under the auspices of Cuidiú-Irish Childbirth Trust an organisation that supports choices for parents in all areas; She has been a member since 1988 and has just finished a 4 year term as National President in 2014. She has been an IBCLC since 2007 and works in private practice; she re-certified in 2012. She does home visits for both prenatal and postnatal consults. She trained as a Trainer of Trainers in 2000 with the Best Services Program for lactation (she updated that training in 2012 with a further course with National University of Galway) and is currently a Breastfeeding Tutor with Cuidiú - training other mothers to be Breastfeeding Counsellors in order to support breastfeeding in their communities. She is also a tutor in Childbirth education and helped write the curriculum and create the programme for a brand new programme running in Ireland. She has a huge interest in adult education and the forms that it can take and the development of curricula that suit adult learning needs. She achieved a BA in Community and Adult Education in 2010 and continues to develop her interest in the area of Adult Education.

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Liz Brooks

Todd-Wadena Healthy Connections Breastfeeding Conference

Sep 21st 2017
Staples, MN

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Association of Lactation Consultants Ireland

Sep 28th 2017
Limerick, Ireland

Jarold (Tom) Johnston

GOLD Perinatal Online Conference

Oct 2nd 2017
Webinar: Keynote Address "The perintal microbiome" (Open Access presentation)