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Theresa Nesbitt

Theresa Nesbitt MD "Dr. Theresa" is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist with special training in Maternal Fetal Medicine. Her interests these days lie in promoting health and wellness for women with a focus on mothers. She has a particular interest in brain growth and development. She is the Director of Family Health Coaching, editor of Babies and Breastfeeding Magazine and author of Evolutionary Eating: How We Got Fat and 7 Simple Fixes. She anticipates publication of her newest book Building a Baby Brain Bite by Bite - How to Eat Before, During and After Pregnancy in 2015. She is also Coauthor (with Nancy Mohrbacher IBCLC, FILCA) of the Natural Breastfeeding Program - The Solution to Successful Start. Dr Nesbitt developed an interest in breastfeeding because of she observed that although many pregnant women PLAN to breastfeed, they are not really PREPARED to do so. Her interest in brain health, nutrition and developmental kinesiology have helped her to look at Breastfeeding and Human milk from a new perspective.

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