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Nancy Mohrbacher IBCLC, FILCA

Nancy Mohrbacher is a lactation consultant who has been helping nursing mothers for over 30 years. She is the author of many books, including Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers, Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple, Breastfeeding Solutions: Quick Tips for the Most Common Nursing Challenges and a companion Breastfeeding Solutions app. Her most recent book is Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple. Nancy is a La Leche League Leader, Breastfeeding USA counselor, writes for many publications, speaks at breastfeeding conferences around the world, and has been honored for her contributions in the field of breastfeeding with the designation FILCA, Fellow of the International Lactation Consultant Association.

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Lisa Marasco

South Sound Breastfeeding Network

Feb 9th 2017
Olympia, WA

Catherine Watson Genna

Joint Speech Pathology and Lactation Feeding Workshop with Lisa Sandora CCC-SLP, IBCLC

Feb 16th 2017
Childrens Hospital at Westmead, Sydney, Australia