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Carol Thomason

Carol Thomason, Nurse-Midwife, and Lactation Consultant, has enjoyed working on improving health care services for mothers and babies for thirty five years. This has included founding several task forces on breastfeeding, working on the 10 steps to baby friendly hospitals, sitting on regional task forces, teaching classes for patients and staff, producing comedy shows and art shows on breastfeeding, and finally inspiring nurses, midwives, and physicians in outpatient and inpatient settings to take the IBCLE boards and work on positive changes in their own settings. She is able to make difficult concepts simple and fun, and her attendees of her 45 hour IBCLC Exam prep class have a 98% pass rate! She is a national speaker who teaches new concepts that are evidence-based and enjoys teaching in creative ways that are both practical and inspirational. She believes that we all can be inspired by the amazing science of breastfeeding and can pass on our enthusiasm, knowledge, and practical information that really works to our families every day, so we return to our work and lives inspired and not tired!

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Barbara Robertson

Delaware Health System

Sep 16th 2017

Catherine Watson Genna

WIC Association of Washington State

Sep 18th 2017
Seattle, Washington

Liz Brooks

Todd-Wadena Healthy Connections Breastfeeding Conference

Sep 21st 2017
Staples, MN

Lisa Marasco

Association of Lactation Consultants Ireland

Sep 28th 2017
Limerick, Ireland

Jarold (Tom) Johnston

GOLD Perinatal Online Conference

Oct 10th 2017
Webinar: Keynote Address "The perintal microbiome"